Queercon 13 Badge - Reservations

Looking on how to obtain one of the super awesome Queercon 13 badges this year?  Details announced on how to score yours July 1st!

Queercon 13 Events

Queercon 13 is right around the corner.  We have a full schedule of events that tie in with DEFCON 24.  Check out everything that is happening this year.

Queercon 13 Ground Transportation

Queercon has negotiated a great rate to get you from the airport to Bally’s this year.

LASExpress offers fast and efficient airport transportation at rates lower than taxi’s.

We have rates for both Express Non-Stop service as well as Economy shuttle service and rates start as low as $11

LASExpress offers:

  • Advance reservations on a secure website 24/7/365
  • Preprinted boarding passes eliminates frustration of securing transportation onsite and avoiding long taxi lines
  • Significant Savings vs. Taxi Fare
  • Priority Boarding
  • On-site Airport Staff

All the Unofficial Electronic Badges of DEF CON

By: Mike Szczys

I didn’t have any luck tracking down the maker of the Queercon 11 badge, but hopefully the webpage on the device will be updated soon. I believe it was selling for $125 and was an exquisite badge delivered in a box with some neat art on the lid. When you first turn it on, you name your character and then take it through a Tamagotchi-style life cycle. The badge is aware of other badges in the area.

Def Con 23: Where PR stunts and hackers come together

By: Violet Blue

Having outgrown the odiferous corridors of the Rio, hacker conference Def Con entered this year by relocating to Bally’s Hotel and Casino — a venue described to me, in turns, by a Mandalay Bay hairdresser as “a shithole,” a taxi driver as “a punishment” and a Mandarin Hotel bar waitress as “totally haunted.” It turned out to be all that and much more.

Def Con’s move to Bally’s and its adjoining property Paris allowed it to accommodate an estimated 20,000 attendees this year. And, like a goldfish growing to fit a big new ...